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Fountain “Amphitrite” in Lviv

Fountain “Amphitrite” – a fountain, located at Market Square in Lviv, Ukraine. The fountain was installed in 1793. The author is a sculptor Gram Witwer. It was built in the Empire style – the style of the late (high) classicism in architecture and applied art. According to Greek mythology, Amphitrite – the daughter of the sea god Nereus and Doris, the wife of Poseidon, the mother of Triton, Childbirth and Benthesikyme. Amphitrite is often depicted with her husband in a chariot drawn by sea horses.

The Church of John the Baptist

hurch of St. John the Baptist is located in one of the most historic area of ​​the city, it is located on the Old Market Square.

The church was built for the wife of Prince Lev Constance in 1250. According to legend, after her death, she was buried in the cave temple.

Church itself is a small, single-nave building with a porch and a faceted apse. He rebuilt many times. Most strongly changed his view of restoration Zaherievicha Julian, who rebuilt the church in the Neo-Romanesque style.

Currently, the church Ioannna Baptist houses the Museum of the ancient monuments of the city of Lviv, its main exhibit is an icon of the XVI century “Lviv Virgin Mary.”

Basilian Monastery of the Nativity

One of the main decorations of the city is the Basilian monastery Zholkva, or it is also called the Monastery of the Nativity. This complex was built in 1612 on the site where previously housed the Basilian wooden church, made in the style of the Renaissance. The building of the monastery was defensive in nature.

Basilian monastery, together with the Trinity Church to form a single ensemble. The first abbot of the monastery to become Metropolitan Dosifej who is buried in the crypt under the church. Rumor has it that it was the power of the Holy Monastery create a special atmosphere.

Complete overhaul and reconstruction of buildings of the monastery changed its appearance, leaving only a beautiful carved portal of white stone (XVII century). The ancient iconostasis belonging to the monastery, now kept in the National Museum in Lviv.

In the interior of the temple was used mural which subjects – the image of the Ukrainian Cossacks, figures UNR Hrushevsky and P. Sagaydachnogo.

Catholic church and convent of the Carmelites

This church and monastery built in the street Vinnichenko, at different times was called variously and seminars, and Archbishop and the Church of the Presentation, etc. Founded a monastery Jakub Sobieski.

The church was built in the XVII century, following the example of the Roman church of Santa Susanna, made by the architect Carlo Maderno.Project Lviv Jan Baptist Church performed Dzhizleni. In form, the church is a Latin cross. At the intersection of the nave and transept dome installed with signaturkoy. The building’s facade is decorated with a white stone, which emphasizes its magnificent baroque forms. In the niches of the two tiers placed decorative vases and sculptural figures Shvanera. On the stove, over the walled entrance portal, coats of arms of Polish royal families.

The church belonged to the Order of the Carmelites until the end of the XVIII century.